Welcome to New Plymouth High School---Home of the Pilgrims!

Welcome to New Plymouth High School

danhullAt NPHS we believe that each student has the right to achieve his or her fullest potential. I believe that school principals have the absolute obligation to provide all kids the opportunity to learn and all teachers have the support to teach in a safe, nurturing environment that is focused on student achievement.

Communities and families are the integral component of every school culture. I am confident that our teachers at NPHS have the vision, work-ethic, commitment, and passion for schools to bring people together to create a dynamic learning environment for our students.

I feel we are very fortunate to be at New Plymouth and I feel that we have an outstanding teaching staff at NPHS who are passionate about student achievement.This year we will continue to help our students meet academic benchmarks and find post-secondary opportunities. We will all be working hard as a whole school to help our students achieve success. NPHS will continue collaborating to ensure that each student is meeting the mark in the classroom. The committed staff at NPHS will make our student achievement vision become a reality that can be measured. I am extremely excited to work with our students and staff and we are looking forward to an outstanding year. Go Grims!

Dan Hull, 
NPHS Principal 


NPHS Pilgrim Pride Weekly Update                                       Jan. 11-15 2021 


Teachers make a difference at NPHS”

                        “Ability is what you’re capable of doing….

                Motivation determines what you do….

             Attitude determines how well you do it.”



Welcome Back student, staff, parents, and board members. (Attached is the newly revised version of the Governor Idaho Rebound Stage 2 order.)

Some of the new updated revisions include:

  • The guidelines apply to both high school and middle school winter athletic events.
  • The new guidelines allow for up to 25 dance team participants to perform at halftime with two coaches present. However, the guidelines do not allow for additional spectators for those dancers. 
  • The new guidelines allow for up to four people for audio/visual/media needs (instead of just one person as in the previous version of the guidelines).
  • The following sentence was added to the section about 12 ft physical distancing. "Where the 12ft distancing cannot be achieved, 6ft is allowable;
  • So far this new format is going well at our athletic events, Dallan and I appreciate your support and understanding. Thanks 

New Plymouth Community, The Governor has updated the Idaho Rebounds Stage 2 orders for spectators at extracurricular activities. Please be aware of the following expectations for attending games at New Plymouth High School:

·         Each student athlete may have up to 2 spectators in the gymnasium. This includes home and away teams and cheerleaders.

·         Masks and face coverings are REQUIRED for all spectators when not seated and physically distanced. For districts and charter schools that have a mask requirement, this requirement will be in force for spectators.

·         Physical distancing of 12 feet from non-household members must be practiced in any place in the facility. Congregation of people is prohibited within the schools.

·         Entrance to the NPHS gymnasium will be from the lobby/concession stand area. There will be separate entrances for home and visiting spectators and they will leave through the same entrances that they entered from.

·         The gymnasium will be cleared after each game and sanitized prior to the next game taking place.

·         If a high school is found to be in non-compliance then the following tiered process will be followed:

o   First offense: The school receives a written warning from the State Board of Education.

o   Second offense: The school that is found to be in noncompliance will forfeit that event.

o   Third and final offense: The school that is found to be in noncompliance will forfeit all future athletic events for that sport during the winter season.

(For more information, see the Stage 2 attached documents below. NPHS will be following these new guidelines from this point) If you have any further questions, Please feel free to contact Dallan or I,  if  you have any questions.


NPHS Upcoming Events

Friday January 15th 2021

End of Semester #1, noon release for students.

Monday January 18th 2021

No School, MLK Day

Tuesday January 19th

No School teacher in-service day.

Monday February 15th 2021

No School, Presidents Day

Tuesday February 16th

No School teacher in-service day.


(See athletic schedules for updated athletic events.)



We at NPHS are grateful that you are walking with us during these challenging times. Thank you for partnering with us in the education of your children. We appreciate your support, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at the High School or visit our web site @ or on our Facebook page, or on PowerSchool  (   (If you have any questions please call us NPHS @ 208.278.5311. “Go Grims “

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