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New Plymouth High (CEEB) Code: 130 - 450 


* All juniors will have the opportunity to take the SAT for free in the spring

*NCAA Student Athletes when registering for either test use Code 9999 in College/Scholarship

*Check website for test locations and other information 


How do these tests compare? What is the difference between them?

They are both standardized tests and they both factor into the college admissions process.

The differences are explained below:





Test Fee

$50.50 (With Writing $67.00)

$46 (With Writing $60)

Test Purpose

Designed to measure academic achievement in the areas of English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science

Designed to measure critical reading, writing, and mathematical reasoning skills.

Test Content

ACT English Test

(75 Items, 45 Minutes)

· Punctuation

· Basic Grammar and Usage

· Sentence Structure

· Rhetorical Skills

· Strategies

· Organization

· Style


ACT Mathematics Test

(60 Items, 60 Minutes)

Pre-Algebra and Elementary Algebra

Intermediate Algebra and Coord. Geometry


ACT Reading Test

(40 items, 35 Minutes)

Arts and Literature

· Prose Fiction

· Humanities

· Social Sciences and Natural Sciences

· History, Political Science, Biology,        Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science


ACT Science Test

(40 Items, 35 Minutes)

Interpretation analysis, evaluation, reasoning, and problem-solving skills in Biology, Earth/Space Sciences, Chemistry, and Physics


The SAT tests the skills you’re learning in school: reading, writing and math.  Your strength in these subjects is important for success in college and throughout your life.

 · The reading section includes reading passages and sentence completions.

· The writing section includes a short essay and multiple-choice questions on  identifying errors and improving grammar and usage.

· The math section includes questions on arithmetic operations, algebra, geometry, statistics and probability.


The SAT is made up of 3 tests + optional essay:

· Reading Test 
(52 questions, 65 minutes)

· Writing and Language Test
(44 questions, 35 minutes)

· Math Test
(58 questions, 80 minutes)


Total test time: 3 hours + 50-minute essay (optional)


Subject tests are available 


No Science Test

Penalty for wrong answers?


Scores based on number of correct answers-NO penalty for guessing

Scoring Method

1-36 for each subject, averaged for a composite score.  A 36 is the highest possible composite score

Each section of the SAT (critical reading, mathematics, and writing) is scored on a 200 to 800 point scale, for a possible total of 1600

Other uses for the exam?

Scholarship Purposes

Scholarship Purposes


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