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Scholarship - a financial aid tool, most sought after by parents and students. There are basically two types of scholarships...

  • College specific scholarships are awarded by the college you are applying to and will be awarded based on academics, SAT/ACT scores, talents, etc. To find out what scholarships colleges have available, call the financial aid office of your school of choice or go to their website and click on "financial aid" or "scholarships."
  • Outside sources are given to students for a wide variety of qualifications. Each outside scholarship has its own deadlines, its own qualifications and its own award amount—these must be researched.


Scholarship Search Tips

  1. Explore your options:  Look into local scholarships and use a trusted internet service, like the ones listed below.
  2. Start Early: To avoid missing deadlines, start your scholarship search early. It takes time to research, request information, and complete your applications, so don't procrastinate. In addition, make sure to search continuously throughout the school year.
  3. Be Active: Scholarship committees look favorably on those who participate in extracurricular activities and are active in their communities.
  4. Stay Organized: Students should keep a checklist of submission requirements and due dates. Be sure to complete all of the necessary paper before submitting an application.
  5. Follow the Instructions: Watch your essay length and submit only materials that are requested. Proofread your applications to avoid any embarrassing spelling or grammar errors, and be sure your writing is legible.

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