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Athletic Forms

For athletic eligibility print, sign, and return all the required forms to your coach, the high school office, or the athletic director.

Sports physicals are required for all Freshmen and Juniors prior to the first day of practice.  Physicals are also required for Sophomores and Seniors that do not have one on file with the Athletic Director from the previous year.
The Interim Questionnaire is required for all Sophomores and Seniors prior to the first day of practice.
All students: Click NPHS Athletic Handbook below to find all athletic policies and procedures. It is the responsibility of parents and athletes to be aware of the policies and procedures and abide by them. Please read through the handbook then sign and return the Code of Conduct Agreement. This form is required to be reviewed and signed each year.
All students: for the safety and well being of our athletes, all parents and athletes are required to read and sign the Parent & Athlete Concussion Information Sheet provided below. This form is required to be reviewed and signed each year.
All freshmen and students new to the district: Below is a copy of the New Plymouth School District Extra and Co-Curricular Chemical Use policy and the Extra Curricular Activities Drug Testing Program policy for you to read. Students and parents must both sign and return a Drug Testing Consent form to participate in extra-curricular activities. By signing the form the student and parent agree that the student is willingly to submit to a random drug test at the school. This form is kept on file and only needs to be signed once during a students time in high school. Consent may be withdrawn at any time.