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New Plymouth High School believes good sportsmanship is an integral component of education-based interscholastic athletic competition.  In order for good sportsmanship to prevail, coaches, student-athletes, and fans must display respect, fairness, civility, honesty, and responsibility before, during and after all athletic contests.  We encourage fans to enthusiastically support their team, recognize outstanding performance of opponents, and always exhibit good sportsmanship in their words and actions.


*Derogatory comments and other intimidating words or actions that are profane, persistent, or personal in nature and directed at the officials, student-athletes, coaches, team representatives, or other spectators will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from the site of competition.

NOTE: Such comments include negative cheers targeting an individual and cheers intended to sound like an inappropriate word or expression.

Appropriate dress is required. Clothing with profanity, derogatory comments, or other intimidating words, pictures, or symbols is prohibited.  Shirts must be worn and torsos must be covered.


  • Intimidating or harassing the players coaches, officials, or fans
  • Throwing objects
  • Using Noisemakers
  • Entering the playing area during a contest
  • Loitering in hallways or on the school grounds


If you fail to abide by these Expectations, you will be asked to leave the contest. Furthermore, your actions could result in a trespass letter banning you from all future events at New Plymouth School District.

Remember…admission is a privilege to observe a contest, not a license to display insensitive, offensive or uncivil behavior


Enjoy the Contest!

Be a fan, not a fanatic!!